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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Walk your Way Through a Treadmill

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This old adage hold significance in recent pre-occupied times as well. To stay fit is no Herculean task these days, all you need is to be determined in your routine and regular in your diet. Working out at home is the most convenient way to stay in shape especially for the working professional who can not afford a workout other than switching between job and home. One of the most popular home exercise equipment is definitely a treadmill. Treadmill has a lot of benefits on health and in facilitating overall fitness of yours. This running machine is not only easy to use but also ensures that you are having a wholesome workout to fulfill the fitness needs of your body on a regular basis in the most effortless way.

Running Machine

As the endurance level and strength develop the treadmill can be used for jogging and running exercises. Here are the top three reasons as to why you need to buy treadmill online India
  • A surface that facilitates smooth traction : Unless and until you have great foot mechanics running on an uneven may give you foot amputations and muscle stretch.
  • Experiment with workouts : You can easily stimulate your workout for an out of the town with complicated terrain as well. The best part of working out on running machine is that you can manage the impact as per your speed easily.
  • You can keep a check on your form : This can not be done while walking in the roads, watching oneself gives greater sense of the kinesthetic sense. If you are plodding or not in a position to lift your knees, there is a good scope to watch out and notice the change you need to do. 
Thirty minutes of such training will reap you the same cardiovascular benefits as 90 minutes of steady, brisk and moderate exercise with a treadmill.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pointers To Remember While Installing A Home Gym

When you think of a gym, you tend to visualize a room full of huge mirrors and fitness equipment like a running machine. However, there is lot you would need to think about at the time of designing your own house gym.

There are certain tips and pointers that you can follow to ensure better arrangement and proper management of your home gym. The pointers are as below:

Decide the space first

  • Before you decide on the interior design or equipments required for your home gym, it is better to decide on the space first. 
  • You should look for a place that has proper lighting especially natural. 
  • Apart from this, deciding on the space first will also ensure better designing ideas. 

Transparent glass panels

  • It is advisable to install transparent glass panels in your home gym. 
  • As mentioned earlier, natural light matters a lot when it comes to your gym. 
  • This ensures your daily dose of Vitamin D, which makes you healthier in the long run. 
  • In summers, you can always obstruct the excessive heat by installing proper blinds. 

Know the coolest part of your house

  • Before you decide to get a home gym installed at your place, you will need to check the coolest part of the house. 
  • Hot flashes are quite common when you are exercising. These flashes can be harmful if you are working out in a hot and humid room. 

Buy the latest equipment

  • One of the integral parts of gym design is selecting the correct fitness equipment. 
  • If you have a regular workout routine then you will need to upgrade the equipment that you are using in the gym. 
  • Latest exercise equipment helps in optimizing your workout routine considerably. 

Installing a home gym ensures accessibility 24 hours a day and by following the above mentioned tips you can easily ensure better designing and ergonomic space arrangement.