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Friday, 17 October 2014

The Must Have Machines For Your Home Gym

Many people find toiling at gym cumbersome. Most of the times our efforts to be in shape go in vain either due to scarcity of time or gym's affluent memberships. In both the scenarios having a home gym is a good alternative. With the deluge of gym machines available in the market what you must have to ensure that you are fit as fiddle are enlisted below.

1. Exercise Bikes

One of the most effective work-out machine, exercise bikes takes care of the whole body. They are responsible of improving the cardiovascular performance of our body. The bikes stretches and strengthens the lower abdomen, arms and legs. exercise bikes have gain popularity mainly because they entail an easy mechanism, the only thing which you need to look is the maximum body mass it can carry. Some less expensive bikes fails on the suitability for larger body mass.

2. Treadmills

Another the most popular exercise equipment are treadmills on which the user can effectively burn his/her calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. They are easy to use and install even at home. The gym flooring required for its installation has to be taken care of as the machines are heavy and need good friction. The various types of treadmills to be considered by fitness enthusiasts are:
  • Manual Treadmills
  • Motorized Treadmills 

The users who are not so use to working out can find themselves struggling a bit while using treadmills. Given to the extensive amount of pressure, it can result in some muscle stretch for the new users.

 3. Rowing machines

For a really strenuous workout regime, including rowing machines in your home gym equipment is a good option. There are several types of rowing machines available, a few are enlisted as under:

  • Piston Resistance Rowing Machines
  • Air Resistance Rowing Machines
  • Water Resistance Rowing Machines

As per a well known physiotherapist Cathy Alexander, the best aerobic exercise equipment is that you are comfortable with and is easy on your body. So before planing for your home gym it is ideal to consider a trainer who can guide you the appropriate machines as per your body requirement.        

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Best Home Workout Fitness Equipment

Hauling yourself to gym on an everyday basis can be a pestering task, especially if you have to put up with a hectic schedule. The gym not being in proximity to your home or it not having standardized gym equipments is a bare excuse to renounce workouts: particularly, if you can continue to stay in shape from your home.  There is many a compact-sized exercising machine that eats less floor space and offers a great workout. Read on to know the types of fitness equipment that you can go for.

  • Suspension Trainer
Suspension trainer is the foremost choice of many individuals wanting to exercise at home.  A suspension trainer does not have a stable surface. As the foundation of the surface keeps on changing, it stresses your stabilizer muscles to go that extra mile. Only a sturdy anchor is required that allows you to exercise using a suspension trainer.
  •  Stability Ball
Sitting or lying on a stability ball is easier said than done. Each core muscle of the body works hard as you try to balance on a stability ball. Stability ball is a complete workout machine that makes the back and spine muscles stables than before.
  •  Kettle bells
A relative of dumbbells, the kettle bells take fitness to the next level. The spherical shape of the kettle bells allows the center of the gravity to shift as and when the workout progresses. The workout is strenuous as the body muscles’ need to work extra hard to accommodate to the changing gravity shift.  A 5-minute kettle bells workout can help you get a toned body. Kettle bells are an effective mix of dumbbells and cardio machine.
It is a myth that fitness machines only mean costly, bulky gym machines.  Such small-sized fitness equipment along with grit is required to stay in shape while being at home.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Buying Guide For Home Gym Equipment

A glimpse of hecticness  found in the contemporary lifestyle might dread those who are particular with their fitness routine. However, if orderliness is welcomed in the lifestyle, then nothing will let those fitness goals slip into oblivion. Every individual’s personality reflects the type of modus vivendi s/he is leading.  An unhealthy lifestyle breeds physical as well as mental woes; hence, it becomes significant to earmark a timeslot – from the entire day – that will be dedicated to workouts.

It is great to experience jogging or exercising in gyms; nevertheless, it becomes apparent that such fitness goals will take a backseat once an inclement weather condition approaches (harsh winters or a rainy season).  In such times, it is essential to have personal gym equipments that will not let your fitness goals and overall health get affected. 

Points that must be kept in mind while buying gym instrument

Need analysis
Behind every surefire buying decision is an exhaustive need analysis.  Knowing goals is important. It is not necessary that everyone buys gym equipment for losing weight; while some would want to bulk up, whereas others might desire a toned body. Only after successful determination of such needs, one nails down the best gym instrument.

Purchasing home gym instruments and machines can cost a fortune; nevertheless, it is not necessary that every home gym area must be state-of-the-art. It is prudent to search every nook and cranny of the web to obtain fruitful information about the best fitness equipment that doesn’t disturb the budget. If 100% efforts are put, then there are several online fitness centers selling dumbbells online at rates that will not dent the budget.

Measure space
It is disheartening if a large amount has been spent to purchase an exercising instrument, but there is no space to accommodate the same. Always analyze that the home gym area has sufficient space to accommodate the equipment.

The above mentioned factors always help one get the best of exercising instruments and machinery without costing an arm and a leg.