Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Features of an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical trainers help burning calories without exerting your joints. They offers low-impact workout. Immense fat-burning and fitness effect can be obtained by using cross-trainers as it offers a perfect combination of cadence and high resistance. Top benefits of using elliptical trainer are as under:

  • Less stress on joints :- As compared to running, working out on an elliptical trainer is less rigorous for joints. The machine reduces stress on legs as the motion it follows is elliptical. The shape of the trainer replicates the natural motion of ankle, knee and hip joints while walking or running. It is said that running affects not only your joints but also lower back. 

  • Elliptical Cross Trainer

  • Fix tender muscles :- A study that compared muscle motion pattern of quadriceps while walking on ground and on a treadmill, stationary bikes, cross trainer, clearly revealed that elliptical cross trainer produce greater quadriceps utilization than any other mode. 

  • Core muscle exertion :- An elliptical workout ensures utilization of core group muscles, chest, shoulder, biceps and triceps. Furthermore, the upper body exertion is also taken care of as the workout posture is upright. If you go hands-free and make use of railing you have an option to increase balance and training effects as well. 

  • Burns fat :- A high intensity workout helps reducing excess body fat massively. As per a study in the Journal of obesity, intermittent exercises are more effective at dissolving abdominal and subcutaneous fat than other exertion exercises. Experts suggest than performing such kind of working by balancing between moderate and rigorous sessions. Furthermore, adding weight lifting, resistance training and other such exercises along with elliptical training help decreasing your body fat greatly. Facts furnished in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 

In terms of calorie burning an elliptical trainer can be close to a treadmill, but an elliptical has a long stride length and ensures maximum calorie burn and has an ability to maximize your training effects with adjustable stride length. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Fitness Equipment Buying Guide

As our lifestyle is changing dramatically, more and more people are becoming health conscious to meet its challenges bang on! Many manage their diet, some go for gym memberships and other few opt for buying or setting up their own gym at home. Gym memberships these days can burn a hole in your pocket. However, getting some fitness machine at home is a good alternative and easy on pocket. Several benefits of working out at home include flexibility of the regime, time and money saving and the whole family can workout together. Buying elliptical, treadmills, exercise bikes dumbbells online is easy and less tiresome. They are some of the few options you can consider buying while setting up your own home gym.

While shopping for home gym its important to be sure of the machines you are buying and are they meeting your fitness goals. Since the amount of investment they involve is no less, it is therefore important to spend judiciously and smartly. Do consider your instructor before investing in the equipment. A very basic layout of the home gym should include exercise machines for arms and legs.

The best part of owning a home gym is that you can customize it as per your personal needs. For instance, installing a resistance machine will have various options. Whether you want to have elastic band resistance or a system of cables, pulleys or a stack of weight, you can choose any. Similarly, in accordance with your fitness/workout regime you should buy the appropriate equipment. If you plan to do major strength related training then including free weights, cardiovascular equipment would be good. Consider the spacing and maintenance required before setting up the entire things.

Getting and fitness equipment can be a daunting task but as long as you are well informed about what kind of requirement you want and all its variations, you will have greater chances of making the most of your purchase.