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Friday, 27 March 2015

Motorized Treadmills v/s Manual Treadmills

Treadmills are considered as an effective gymming machines that can help you loose weight faster than expected. But as you enter the gym you will come across two types of treadmills – manual and motorized. While the former is a conventional machine, the latter has no doubt more advanced features. Apart from this, there are significant differences between the two including cost, maintenance needs and size.


In comparison to motorized treadmills, manual ones are considered as safe and simple machines with a belt which is operated merely by moving the feet. Also, these are subject to less maintenance than motorized ones. Manual treadmills are lighter and smaller in comparison to motorized treadmills. But on the contrarily, it is much easier to maintain steady speed on motorized treadmills as speed and incline levels can be adjusted easily. The motorized treadmills offer additional features such as a in-built heart rate monitor, calorie tracker, music player and fan which are missing in manual ones.

Celebrate life

  • Impact on Workout :- A manual treadmill workout is more grueling and has a greater impact on knee and hip joints. While on the other hand, a motorized treadmill offers a more convenient workout, enabling you to workout for longer hours. 
  • Consider the Cost :- Though cost is an important factor while deciding which treadmill to buy, it is essential to look at the overall features of the machine. Manual treadmills are cheaper than motorized ones. But at the same time manual ones have considerably less features and are less effective than motorized ones. These are effective in a way that is not costing you a fortune and is efficient in the regime it lets to follow. These are preferable choice for those lazy fellows who take a lot of efforts in fixing their gym routine and religiously following it is a task for them easy said than done. 
To conclude, no matter which treadmill you choose for exercising, your ultimate aim should be to get fit and Celebrate life.