Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Best Home Workout Fitness Equipment

Hauling yourself to gym on an everyday basis can be a pestering task, especially if you have to put up with a hectic schedule. The gym not being in proximity to your home or it not having standardized gym equipments is a bare excuse to renounce workouts: particularly, if you can continue to stay in shape from your home.  There is many a compact-sized exercising machine that eats less floor space and offers a great workout. Read on to know the types of fitness equipment that you can go for.

  • Suspension Trainer
Suspension trainer is the foremost choice of many individuals wanting to exercise at home.  A suspension trainer does not have a stable surface. As the foundation of the surface keeps on changing, it stresses your stabilizer muscles to go that extra mile. Only a sturdy anchor is required that allows you to exercise using a suspension trainer.
  •  Stability Ball
Sitting or lying on a stability ball is easier said than done. Each core muscle of the body works hard as you try to balance on a stability ball. Stability ball is a complete workout machine that makes the back and spine muscles stables than before.
  •  Kettle bells
A relative of dumbbells, the kettle bells take fitness to the next level. The spherical shape of the kettle bells allows the center of the gravity to shift as and when the workout progresses. The workout is strenuous as the body muscles’ need to work extra hard to accommodate to the changing gravity shift.  A 5-minute kettle bells workout can help you get a toned body. Kettle bells are an effective mix of dumbbells and cardio machine.
It is a myth that fitness machines only mean costly, bulky gym machines.  Such small-sized fitness equipment along with grit is required to stay in shape while being at home.